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LifeWaves X39 & X49 Product Webinar with David Schmidt

Emily Hollingshead 0:00

Well, hello, everyone, thank you so much for joining LifeWave Connect, today is a very special day because we're here to talk about x39. And x49. directly with the founder, CEO and inventor of LightWave technology, David Schmidt. So it's going to be a great time for us to learn a little bit more about this technology. And I know many of you are already aware, but we will be doing a live q&a session in the afternoon, then the afternoon session of this broadcast. Now this lifewave Connect. So for those of you are, excuse me in this session, for those of you that are new to lifewave, and new to lifewave, connect, we do have lifewave connect every other Wednesday, and the first Wednesday that we hold our product training, and the second Wednesday, we hold our business training. And today, this is our first Wednesday for LightWave Kinect and so we will be actually talking about product today. If you are looking for translation services, you can find that simply by clicking on the globe. And that is at the bottom of the screen here. And it's labeled interpretation, you can find languages supported with our European markets during our morning session. And you can find languages for some of our other areas of the world for Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish and our evening session. Our morning session is at 11am Pacific. And our afternoon session is at 6pm Pacific. So if you're if you're looking for those services, you can find them there. And then when it comes to being able to access the replay of this, this webinar, we do stream it live to our business builder Facebook group. And then we also will be putting all of the different versions of this webinar and all the associated languages on our YouTube channel lifewave Health, those are generally live and active in that playlist are likely to connect within a week of the original broadcast. So you can find what you're looking for there and share the amazing content. That is part of what's going on here on lifewave Connect. And they're always a really fun way for us to be able to share information about what's happening within the technology, and also what's happening within the company. Now, as I mentioned today, we do have a special guest with us. And that is David Schmidt, the founder of our company, he's the one that invented the technology that is lifewave, our patches, and we're really excited to have him. You know, and speaking of technology, and speaking of coming together as a community, something that's really incredible is coming up in just a few short days, we actually will be having our global convention in Orlando, Florida on August 18 through the 20th. And we're really excited, we've actually sold out of our in person tickets for this event. But like I was saying we do have this incredible technology that allows us to still connect virtually with those around the world that wouldn't be able to genuinely Join us for an event like this. And so if you're interested in joining us on this great event, you absolutely still can we actually have virtual access to this event. And those tickets are still available through August 15. And we will have that information available in the chat at the end of this session. So you can get the link and get registered to attend this event. You know, today we will be hearing from David Schmidt, our founder, David, can you hear us? Oh, yeah. Well, you know, I know that conventions coming up. And everyone's going to have a fun time participating virtually and in person.

CEO David Schmidt 3:36

And of course, we've got a dynamite schedule that's planned, amazing content, lots of surprises, lots of fun things. So it's going to be great.

Emily Hollingshead 3:46

Oh, you know, you're definitely right on that. David, we do have a powerhouse team behind us and a great internal staff as well. It is going to be an incredible event. You know, I know many of the people here on the call today are actively promoting our products and will be at this event with us. And I know everyone's so excited for convention, it's going to be so fun.

CEO David Schmidt 4:07

And it's going to definitely be our biggest and best convention ever. In terms of the talent that we have coming in the presentations. And again, there's going to be there. I made the comment before, members are going to see things they've never seen in the network marketing industry before. It's I can't wait to unveil what it is that we have. It's going to be amazing.

Emily Hollingshead 4:31

I can't wait either, David. I know. I've heard little tidbits. And you've been so good at keeping all the secrets. So it's going to be it's going to be so great for everyone because I think there's just things that people aren't going to even imagine. Right?

CEO David Schmidt 4:45

I would I would say the likelihood of that is pretty high.

Emily Hollingshead 4:49

Absolutely. Well, I know that many are really looking forward to hearing you speak and again, like I shared with everyone while we're waiting to get everything going here on the webinar. You We'll definitely be a big part of this event, and people will definitely get the opportunity to hear you. And those exciting announcements.

CEO David Schmidt 5:06

It'll be great. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to it. You know, this is one of the fun parts of what it is that I get to do. And I love interacting with our members, and really looking forward to sharing what we've been working on in the lab, and what impact this is going to have on people's lives. And what this means to the business opportunity going forward. Not only you know, between now and the end of the year, but well into next year and the next five to 10 years. So it's going to be really exciting. And as I mentioned, people are going to see things they haven't seen before, bringing with me a few things from the lab, and really looking forward to showing those things off. So it's gonna be great.

Emily Hollingshead 5:51

I can't wait, I can't wait. We're heading out that way soon. And we'll definitely be with you. And I know everyone is just chomping at the bit to get there. So it'll be great. But we don't want to give away too much about convention. I know, everyone's excited. Like I mentioned before, if you weren't able to purchase an in person ticket, meaning, you know, coming into the United States isn't an option for you right now, or you didn't get a ticket before we sold out twice, you still can actually get a virtual ticket. They're still available until August 15. So I really do encourage everyone to grab one of those tickets, if you can, like you heard David said, this is going to be something different, bigger and better than anything you've ever seen. And certainly your minds will be blown. So don't miss out. Take advantage. I know those of you that wanted to come in for some but missed out. Don't miss out on the virtual right. So let's let's not have that same thing happened twice. But before that, let's, let's talk a little bit about some of the things that have absolutely helped lifewave to explode into the stratosphere in the last couple of years. And that's our stem cell activation patches. David, are you okay, if we talk about that a little bit?

CEO David Schmidt 6:56

Let's do it. Where do you want to start? Well, you

Emily Hollingshead 6:59

know, as I've been going to a few different cities here in the United States in the last couple of months, I'm starting to kind of get a sense for some of the core questions that some of our members and customers are kind of having about stem cells and health and how our patches work with that. And so, if you don't mind, I'd like to kind of ask you a few questions just about stem cells in general, before we kind of transition into this breakthrough technology. Would that be okay?

CEO David Schmidt 7:27

Absolutely. Let's

Emily Hollingshead 7:28

do it. Awesome. Awesome. So one thing that I know all of us share is that we age from day one. And the older that we get, the more you know that we're slowing down, and we want to reverse the effects of that. And so, stem cells are really a hot topic, like I said, and I'm hearing a lot about this, as I'm going from city to city I know many people are hearing about it. So David, would you be able to really help us understand what is a stem cell? And why stem cells are so important to us as human beings?

CEO David Schmidt 7:59

Sure thing. So first of all, there are many different types of stem cells. There are Omni potent and toady potent stem cells, pluripotent stem cells, multi potent, multi potent stem cells. And these just represent different levels of cell differentiation. So we start off with these universal stem cells, and then they will begin to divide and differentiate. And so the gene expression in the stem cells changes. And the more that they divide and differentiate, they become different types of groups of cells. And then eventually, they will become, let's say, a liver cell or a kidney cell or muscle muscle cell or what have you. So all of us have these stem cells, and every cell in our bodies was once a stem cell. And this is where the power lays, because you can imagine, let's take a very extreme case where somebody loses a limb, right? This would be this would be really tragic. But what if we could cultivate and grow these stem cells, and then apply them to the injury site? And they could, they could differentiate and divide in a controlled manner, we could regrow that person's lost limb, there would be no need for a robotic limb. So these technologies are kind of converging today. But eventually, you know, what we're going to see is what you see in some science fiction movies where people completely regenerate lost limbs and lost body parts. And some of that is not science fiction anymore. Some of that is is already being done today. And so it's definitely in our future.

Emily Hollingshead 9:50

Wow. You know, so I would say that stem cells are pretty important. They're the foundation of everything in our whole body are important. You know, put stem that I have been asked a few times now about stem cells is, do we have like a set amount of stem cells in our body when we're born? And does our body make more stem cells? What happens to stem cells as we age? Can you kind of talk a little bit about that?

CEO David Schmidt 10:14

Well, this is an interesting question, because stem cells are, they are subjected to the aging process, just like every other cell in the body. And the number of stem cells is limited by what's called the Hayflick limit. So in other words, cells have telomeres, which are rods that are attached to chromosomes. And as cells divide, the telomeres shorten, and once the telomeres are gone, then you don't have any new cells. So this happens with stem cells, the quality of the stem cell degrades with age under normal, quote, unquote, normal circumstances. And the number of stem cells that are available to us also declines with age until eventually, we don't have any more stem cells. Now, what's interesting about this is that there are ways to circumvent that process. And that's some of the work that we do. So in other words, if you can find a way to lengthen the telomeres, which we have, and we've done it in a controlled fashion, you can make the cells younger, and you can also extend the number of times they divide. Meaning that we can, with this tech, increase the number of total stem cells over a person's life, and those stem cells will be younger in the process. So that means we can extend lifespan, and we can extend how long people stay younger. The other, you know, there's a number of other different approaches with stem cells and one of them is what are known as Yamanaka factors, meaning that if you apply, Yamanaka was a researcher in Japan. And if you apply a Yamanaka factor, which is a signaling molecule to the stem cells in the skin, you can revert them into pluripotent stem cells. A reason I bring this up is because we see this with copper peptide, GH KCO copper peptide functions as a Yamanaka factor. And that means there are more stem cells available for healing tissue within the body. So So in effect, why that's important is that if people were not making medical claims, but if people were suffering from, let's say, long term chronic injuries, they can potentially heal those injuries by increasing the number of circulating stem cells. One other way to do it, is by using a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, but that takes a long time. It's a lot of people don't like it, and it's relatively expensive, but it's a great technology.

Emily Hollingshead 13:04

Wow. Well, that's incredible. You know, I think there's still so much to know about stem cells, but hopefully, everyone that helps you understand a little bit about why it's so important and what stem cells can do. And really, you know, we'll talk a little bit more about our patches. And I think you've already kind of leaned into that a little bit. But I do think it's so interesting, what we have available here, but before we shift over to patches, you know, there's a lot of information out there in the news, you know, in different things that you can find about how can people get more stem cells, reactivate stem cells do all those kinds of things. And one thing that we've heard a lot about are stem cell injections. Right. And so, you know, can you talk to us a little bit about what is a stem cell injection? Why would that be a technology that someone might lean into, kind of in relation to what you were just talking about?

CEO David Schmidt 13:54

Yeah, so there's some interesting things here. First, stem cell injections definitely are going to become more widely available, less expensive in the future. But right now, there really hasn't been a huge success in the conventional stem cell industry, there's some problems, meaning that you can't always control the way stem cells are going to divide. So one of the methods for example would be you can cultivate stem cells from a person's own body. And this is a little bit less risky, and then re inject them. But if you have somebody, let's say, over the age of 50, or 60, the quality of the stem cells has declined, and they're not as good as repairing tissues, so little bit of pro and con there. But in any case, problem is when you can't completely control the way a stem cell divides. That's when accidents happen. So there there have been experiences that people have, where the stem cell differentiates into different tissue. This has happened in animal experiments where or Early on in Japan, they were doing research in the Parkinson's disease, they would inject stem cells into the brains of monkeys. And the monkeys would die, because the stem cells divided in an uncontrollable fashion. So when they would open up the monkey, they'd find in the brain hair cells, muscle cells, liver cells. So this is, this is one of the risks and dangers. Another problem is that if you're not managing inflammation, the stem cell colonies die off very quickly. So let's say the reason why a person wants to get a stem cell injection is to treat a chronic injury, let's say they have torn rotator cuff in their shoulder. Well, the inflammatory chemicals such as the inflammatory cytokines, attract, the stem cells are attracted to that inflammation, but the inflammation also kills off the stem cells. So this is why some people go for stem cell injections, and they don't get any result. And it's because of the inflammation. So with our tech, copper peptide, and also the Eon patch, are wonderful at managing inflammation. And this is why people get results with our products when a stem cell injection failed.

Emily Hollingshead 16:19

Wow. Well, it seems like you know, stem cell injections maybe aren't perfected yet, and maybe aren't an option for everyone, for many reasons, right. But I think that's why a lot of people are really excited about LightWave. And so I'd love for us to really talk about what lifewave has as an alternative option to something like an injection or something else out there. But before we really jump super close into stem cell activation patches, exactly, I'd like to kind of take one step back for those that are new to LightWave and help them understand a little bit about how our technology works. So would you maybe be able to explain a little bit about what is phototherapy? Because that's the basis for our patches, and then how have you harnessed the technology or the concept was to go to therapy into the technology that's now available through LightWave?

CEO David Schmidt 17:11

Yeah, so the patches are a form of phototherapy, as you say, and they stimulate the skin with very low levels of light. So there is a very well documented interaction between the human body and light, There's well over 5000 published clinical studies on using light to influence the metabolic processes within cells and within the human body. So for example, one of the things that can be done with light is to turn on mitochondrial function. And this is an area that I look into. Because it mitochondrial function is directly connected with how we age, either in a good way or not so good way. So a common example that we would use is you go out in the sun, and you might notice I have a little bit of color. And there's an X 39 story by the way there that we can circle back on. But it's good example how you go out in the sun and sunlight will elevate vitamin D or sunlight will elevate melanin, giving us a tan melanin is actually a very powerful antioxidant. And it protects the skin from damage from UV radiation. For men that are interested in elevating their testosterone, you go out and you subject your androgen receptors in your trapezius muscles up on your shoulders, to UV light, and it elevates testosterone. So non-drug method for elevating testosterone. So, yeah, so it's very well documented that light will cause biochemical changes within the human body, what we do at the patches is I discovered a way that we could process completely organic materials. So that they, when activated by body heat, they reflect very low levels of light that stimulate the skin. This will in turn, cause a biochemical change in the cell, which we document with blood tests, and with urine tests and bio electrical tests. So in the case of x 39, we stimulate the skin with low levels of light, and it causes the cells to produce more copper peptide.

Emily Hollingshead 19:35

Oh, I love it. I love just the simplicity, even though I know it's not a simple process, but the way you explain it, and I love that all of our patches really utilize that same technology, but to create a different very specific biochemical reaction or response like you were saying. So like you're talking about with x 39 and the copper peptide. Let's let's shift over to that because I know x 39 and x 49 are two of our stem cell activation patches, which are a pretty special category. And so I'm excited for us to talk about this. And for everyone I know we're gonna be talking about x 49, at convention as well. But can you talk to us a little bit more about that copper peptide with the biochemical response that's created with x 39, as well as exporting nine that and how it relates to stem cell activation, like we were talking about before.

CEO David Schmidt 20:26

So x 39 would be the mother product. So if there are people that are on today that are looking at LightWave, and they're wondering, Well, where do I start, I start with x39, because that has the broadest effects of any of the patches. And the reason for this is that x39 elevates a peptide called GHK. See you or copper peptide, and G hkcu was discovered by a biochemist back more than 50 years ago, now, Dr. Lauren Picard, and he should get a Nobel Prize for this discovery because it's truly extraordinary. And what he found is that copper peptide is a very powerful signaling molecule, and Gene modulator. And there's many studies that are on the internet, that people can read about this. But essentially, what this means is that as we age, our library of information, our genes, they change in how they're expressed in the body. And this is important, because if we're shifting our genes from a younger state to an older state, we're going to end up with wrinkles and gray hair, and loss of muscle tissue and declining immune function and all the rest. If we can reset those genes to a younger, healthier state, then we can recover some of our youth. And that's exactly what copper peptide does, it resets about 1/3 of the human genome to a more youthful state. So the impact of this, you know, what, what does that do in practical terms? Well, we found we could take people over the age of 60, and restore their cognitive function. So we can improve speed of processing short term long term memory, we can regain muscle tissue and recovery with x 39, and x 49. improve energy metabolism in the cell, manage inflammation, and of course, increase collagen production, for reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. And among many other benefits.

Emily Hollingshead 22:42

Wow. You know, every time I hear anything about how amazing this peptide is, and what these patches support doing, it's just so incredible. You know, I know, it's important for us to always share disclaimer, you know, about what we're doing here with these patches. Do you mind sharing a little bit, in the disclaimer standpoint, what these patches do and don't do?

CEO David Schmidt 23:04

Sure, well, first thing is, I'm not a medical doctor, I'm an inventor. We don't give medical device advice. We don't make any medical claims. We don't claim that our products are going to treat or cure anything, their general wellness products. So basically, the claims that we make is that they're going to improve overall energy, help with management of pain, help with sports performance, and of course, some other things that have to do with lifestyle. So in terms of disclaimers, we're not making any claims that these patches treat or cure any illness or wellness products.

Emily Hollingshead 23:43

I love the way that you put that David, I know that people have incredible experiences when using these patches to support the body's natural function. So I do think it's important that we share that. So hopefully everyone here, you know that it's important that that we're not claiming that but absolutely know that these patches are pretty incredible, and what they can do to help your body do what it was designed to do. So David, a question that I get a lot, and I know you've had a lot, too, is really around using x 39. And exporting it together. Like you said, start with x 39. That's the key. It's got the biggest effect. But, you know, you did release some information at our last convention when x 49 was first introduced. And what you shared was just the synergistic impact. That was hard from using these two stem cell activation patches together. I know we don't want to dive too much into the science, but can you share with us a little bit about why you might want to use these two patches together in our performance bundle option?

CEO David Schmidt 24:42

Yeah, the reason is that the patches are related in the sense that they're both copper peptides. So x 39 is elevated GHK cu which is a glycine based peptide. And there's some very interesting information by the weigh about elevating glycine, metabolism and extending lifespan. And then x 49 elevates a hkcu, which is an alanine based peptide. So alanine has a narrower metabolic window, then does GH K. And so you find alanine, and alanine peptides in the muscle tissue, the heart tissue, the brain, and as we're finding out in the bone, and also in the skin. And so what this means is that x39 produces these very broad effects throughout the entire body, because you find glycine, just about everywhere in the body, and X49 is going to be a little bit narrower. But those effects are very, very powerful. So what we saw with x39, is that it can help support recovery after EQ after exercise. But what we found with X 49 Is that people were building muscle and losing body fat without any type of diet. And of course, you know, engaging in exercise. And that was some of the first information that came out about it. We also, of course, found out with x 49. One of the areas where it was different is that it was turning on osteogenesis and preventing bone loss. So that was really exciting. And then, going back to my tanning story, I my heritage is European, and my father is German, and my mom is Italian and Irish descent. And I got the Irish part of me in the skin, which is when I will go out in the sun my entire life, I go right to a sunburn. And I've had some very traumatic experiences with that. Well, we've been doing some investigation, because copper is used to manufacture a Faraday cage and a Faraday cage blocks electro magnetism. And so I began to think about, is there a way we could use these peptides or, or create patches that elevate copper based peptides that could interlink and form a type of Faraday cage in the skin. And there was some compelling information to show that copper peptide GH K could reduce the effects of radiation on the body. Anyway, long story short, we did find in a study, that's the case, and this may lead to us being able to claim that the combination of these patches reduces a person's exposure to Wi Fi, Bluetooth and 5g. We have some preliminary data on that. But my own experience with this has been I've been able to go out in the sun. And I've experimented without sunscreen, and I go right to a suntan, which I love. And many of our members have that a similar experience. I would encourage anybody though, to use sunscreen. But we found this out back in 2018, when we were launching x39. And in fact, we gave out x39. And the Alvida night cream on our 15 year anniversary cruise. And yeah, it's been delightful that this potentially could be a skincare product and a number of years for helping people to avoid getting sunburn.

Emily Hollingshead 28:34

Wow. Well, that's pretty amazing. I was going to say that you look very healthy and tan. And so I'm glad that the products are letting you overcome your typical situation with sunburn.

CEO David Schmidt 28:47

It was it was really, really bad. I've had very severe cases of sunburn when I was a teenager. And the only thing that I would say with that if someone shows to experiment with that, make sure you're taking a copper supplement, and you have enough adequate copper in the diet. And I would also attribute part of the effect to that. So I'm make sure that I'm either consuming enough liver or chocolate. We're taking a copper supplement. And that's that's a really important part. You can

Emily Hollingshead 29:23

take what is it called desiccated liver pills? To get some of that?

CEO David Schmidt 29:27

Yes. So liver is the best for the best source of copper that I'm aware of. It's extraordinarily high in copper. And the downside to having liver is that it's very high in iron. It's a little bit more risky for men than it would be for women. And I'm going to talk about this actually at convention so I won't get into it now. But I think there's some compelling reasons that you should be taking a liver supplement if you're concerned about COVID If you if you want to recover from COVID Faster, or actually help to reduce the symptoms of COVID, you want to take liver and I'm going to explain why at convention. I don't want to talk about it. Right, the second, but what's interesting is that high iron levels cause oxidative stress and free radicals in the body. But GH kcu can neutralize ferritin and expression of and production of free radicals. So it balances that out. So anyway, I, for a lot of reasons, liver supplements are very, very good. Especially I know that you're really into weightlifting. There are some other compounds and liver that you can find in other protein sources that definitely contribute to muscle building.

Emily Hollingshead 30:52

Well, yeah, I was just listening to a podcast the other day, and it was recommended. I was like, oh, David's talked about this before. So anytime I get some additional information, or what you're saying, I'm always like, I knew this guy knew a lot of stuff.

CEO David Schmidt 31:07

You know, it was an old time secret of the bodybuilders from the 1950s through the 70s. And in the 80s. The bodybuilder said, Well, it's just another form of protein. But they were wrong. There, there's some magic in liver where there's growth factors that helped to build muscle, and the bodybuilders of the 50s 60s. And 70s knew this. And people like Jack lane, not that he was really a bodybuilder, but a health enthusiast. You know, he was doing incredible things at age 70. And he attributed a lot of that to taking liver. And I think a lot of that has to do with the copper content, among some other things.

Emily Hollingshead 31:47

Wow. Okay, guys. Now we know we have the secret. Let's take it Yeah, I love it. You know, before we jump into the live q&a, I want to do a product giveaway. But I just want to mention one quick thing. So for any of you that are new to lifewave, you maybe don't know this yet, we have a lot of science, materials, all of the studies that that David references, we are a science based company, you can access all of those specific studies on the science section of our website. There's a lot of great stuff there that will really help you to understand even more. So what David's talking about. And if you're looking for evidence that GH kcu is actually elevated when using these patch, x39. You can see that there. And also, we do recommend that basic Google searches can give you even more information about the great benefits of having this peptide elevated. But, David, we always get a lot of these kinds of questions. So before we jump into the q&a, I want to cover a couple of things when it comes to basic usage and everything like that. So we can have some time for maybe some more specific questions. Do you mind just kind of going through some of the basics, like how long to wear the patches? If you're wearing x39 and x49? Together? Where do you put it? Best time of day to wear it and things like that? Sure.

CEO David Schmidt 33:11

Well, a lot of this is covered in the instructions. When we test the patches and our clinical studies, people are wearing them during the day. On a technical basis, there's probably not a reason why someone couldn't wear it in the evening. But for the moment, because of the clinicals we recommend that people wear the patches during the day where you apply them in the studies, we apply them behind the neck below the belly button, just about anywhere on the body is okay. Some people when they have an injury, let's say they have, you know, a cut or broken bone or something like that, and they want to support the healing process. They want to put the patch at the location of the injury. There's no reason why you can't do that. But we found in our blood studies that the effect is systemic. So just about anywhere that you put it, it's going to have an effect on the entire body. In combining patches, X39 behind the neck X49 below the belly button is just fine, it's going to work for the entire body. Again, if someone had an injury and they want to help reduce pain, I'd recommend adding eon and then putting eon at the point of pain we found as a practical matter that that works extremely well. Patches should be worn 12 hours. Reason for this that you don't want to wear it more than that is that the patches trap body heat to activate them. So if you wear them longer, they could irritate the skin. And then also, there's a phenomena in phototherapy called attenuation, meaning if you wear them too long, your body can stop responding so don't wear them continuously. 24 hours a day, your body will stop responding. So 12 hours on 12 hours off.

Emily Hollingshead 35:03

Perfect. One thing that I know you talk about a lot as well is just staying hydrated, as I see you're doing right now.

CEO David Schmidt 35:10

Plenty of water and my Avengers. I love my Avengers mug, there's my iron man over there. But yeah, stay hydrated, drink plenty of water during the day. Love

Emily Hollingshead 35:20

it, love it. Okay, I know, everyone's really excited for the live q&a. So before we jump in, we're going to do a quick product giveaway. Today, we're giving away a performance bundle, which has one sleeve of x39, and one sleeve of x 49 in it. And so we'll look in the chat right here and our training at life Live account, we'll go ahead and add the name of our of our product winner today. And what we would encourage you to do if you see your name listed there, please email into And you can claim your prize. So let's let's uh, let's see what training has to hear with the randomizer oh, gosh, everyone, you're so great. You're wanting to win. Okay, well, we'll put it there at the very end. Because it looks like everyone's too excited right now. So we'll have to hold off because I don't think we'll ever catch it. So. Okay. Thanks training Mullah. We'll make sure we get that in at the very end, we'll do one more giveaway at the end. So the way that we'd like to do these Q and A's with David is a couple of ways. So I know that some of you have already entered in your questions into the q&a section of the webinars. So thank you for that. If you'd like to have your question answered, please either put it there or raise your hand, you're able to raise your hand as an attendee. And that will allow us to call on you. And actually have you answer our ask your question live. So we're going to go ahead and do a live question first. And so I'll go ahead and say your name. And it's just based on the order that it shows up here. We'll say your name and then ask one question, please. of David, I ask that you please limit it to one question. So we can have as many people ask David a question as possible. So we're going to start with the first name here. We're gonna go with an Nunez and you ask your question of David. Can you hear me? We can? Yes, hi.

Ann Nunez 37:16

I fell and tore my rotator cuff and I can raise my arm. But it's not as strong as it used to be? Should I use both x 39 and 49? And should I put them on the back of my neck or near their shoulder? Or is there anything special?

CEO David Schmidt 37:33

Yes, great question. There's and there's a number of things that you can do. So first thing, I want to get into it a little bit more detail. So just as a general recommend recommendation, what's worked for other people is to place x39, behind the neck, and then Iane on the shoulder at the point of pain. Or if you have a point of discomfort, that would be a good way to start. Another thing that you can do is to apply the icewave patches on the bottom of the feet, where it shows in the instructions for use. That's also going to help with pain and range of motion, you may find that it's not necessary. But that's something in addition that you could do.

Emily Hollingshead 38:26

Wonderful. All right. Well, thank you, David. And thank you, Anne, for your question. We're going to jump over to the q&a section. Now the first question we have here is from Michael lobby. And the question is, if I use two sets of energy patches, Will you burn additional calories from fat?

CEO David Schmidt 38:45

Ah, interesting. There is a point of diminishing returns. And a lot of this does depend on a person's diet, how much sleep they get exercise and some other things. But diet is by far the most important compensating factor. So let's say you have someone that is practicing intermittent fasting. When we start to consume food, the body right away is going to produce insulin and then the insulin is going to store additional calories as body fat. The patches can compensate for this. But what this means is that if someone is consuming food all day, it's a little bit of an uphill battle. As opposed to if someone is on you know ketogenic diet or they're doing intermittent fasting, then you can really optimize the effect. But I would say that two patches, we have not we've studied single set of patches. In terms of burning calories, we use the indirect calorimetry and we found that people could burn In an additional 300 to 600 calories per day, so there's quite a bit of variance. We haven't done that study with two sets of patches for calorie burning. We have seen it in practice with ice wave and with other studies where you get an increase in energy flow through the body. So but I would say that one set of patches, it gets you about 70-80%. There. So you're not going to double your results with two sets of patches, you might get another, you know, 10-20% improvement. That'd be my take on it.

Emily Hollingshead 40:39

Awesome. Great question. Okay, so we have over here on the audible questions. We have Donna garlin. Donna, I'm gonna unmute you. And you need to unmute on your side as well. Donna garland. Can you hear us?

Donna Garlin 40:55

I can, I can thank you very much. I'm have a question on blood pressure. I have someone who got onto the x39 x49. And for four months, was responding wonderfully. Blood pressure went down scan and everything improved, sleep improved, and then suddenly everything started going backwards, and the blood pressure is now up again. And you know, nothing has changed, the diet is the same. Medications are the same and actually on less medications. I'm just wondering why that would happen with the blood pressure?

CEO David Schmidt 41:36

Yeah, that's really difficult to say, because the studies that we've done on both x 39 and x 49 have continued to show statistically significant improvements in blood pressure. They're minor, but they trend down for sure. So it's difficult to say what's going on there, because we just don't really have the data. The other thing, you know, that I'd say is we don't make a claim about reducing blood pressure. So I wouldn't want someone to think that you could use the patches to reduce blood pressure, it's obviously very serious medical condition. If I was going to look at it from a diagnostic perspective, one of the first things that I would look at is levels of potassium and magnesium. Magnesium, of course, is involved in over 400 different metabolic processes. And you can reduce blood pressure over a period of time with magnesium. So this is to say if that if a person had additional stress in their life, they were getting on an aeroplane more often, maybe they had COVID. Their magnesium levels could drop. And this could cause an increase in blood pressure. Not saying that's the case here. But that's just one example of something that could change that could cause an increase in blood pressure. We don't we just don't have any study data, that that's available that could indicate that the patches would elevate blood pressure after a few months.

Emily Hollingshead 43:18

Okay, well, thank you so much for that, David. Hopefully that helps Donna. Okay, let's jump back over to the q&a typed out questions. We have a question here from Anne w. And she says, I have a doctor who's looking into lifewave. And he's asked if we have any articles from Lancet, or Jama to support lifeways, clinical studies,

CEO David Schmidt 43:40

we do not because those are medical journals. And we don't make any medical claims. You know, we have to walk a very fine line here. Because in the United States, as an example, we are regulated as a general wellness product. And as a result, we don't make any type of medical claims. Otherwise, we might be classified as a drug in class three or in class two, if we were going to pursue that route. Yeah, then, of course, we would do clinical studies to show that the patches have an effect on treating a disease and then we would publish in one of those journals, but because they're wellness products, that's why we don't see the publish in something like Jama.

Emily Hollingshead 44:29

Perfect, great answer, David. Okay, let's go back over here to the live we have Emily G here. So let's get Emily G. Can you hear us you'll need to unmute yourself Emily, so we can hear your question.

Emily G 44:42

Hi, thank you for taking my call. Can you hear me? Yes, we can. Great great. Um, my question is if I have x39 back of the neck gV 14 for 12 hours and then I put E on the same spot, you know, in the evening will attend Ovation happen?

CEO David Schmidt 45:03

Well, I would not stimulate the same spot. Because you're going to irritate the skin, this would be, you know, the same thing as wearing the same patch at that spot. So wearing two different patches at the same spot is not really the issue, it's the fact that you're wearing any patches at the same spot, it's going to, it's going to irritate the skin. So I wouldn't recommend that. From the perspective of attenuation, the wavelengths of light that are coming off of x 39, and eon are different. So there would not be attenuation in that regard. So you could, that's actually something that I do I wear X 39 during the day and I wear in at night, because I find that it will relax, the nervous system puts it in, doesn't go into parasympathetic mode, it goes into a balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic. So provides very nice, relaxing, deep sleep. But I would not place the patches at the same point, you're gonna end up in a relatively short period of time, irritating the skin and making it red. Okay, thank you.

Emily Hollingshead 46:25

You're welcome. Thank you, David. Okay, so let's go back over to the q&a. I know we have time for just a few more questions. Let's see here. Okay, so we have David meringue, Gough, who says, does x39, activate stem cells, or regenerate stem cells were both.

CEO David Schmidt 46:49


CEO David Schmidt 46:51

we would be looking at the effects of GH kcu on the body. So what we've done in our clinical studies, is to show that the patch elevates copper peptide about 30 to 40%. Within the first 24 hours, so that's pretty dramatic. And when you consider really the only other way to do that is by getting an injection. And, you know, that would be quite expensive. And not many people want to give them injections every day, right? So then when we look at the effects of copper peptide, what exactly is it doing? One of the things that copper peptide does is that it mobilizes the stem cells. So it gets stem cells to go to injury site, begin the healing process. We also know that copper peptide will increase the number of circulating stem cells by reverting the stem cells in the skin over to pluripotent stem cells. So and you can see this in as a practical matter. In some of the testimonials we receive where people are healing very, very quickly, they heal as if you know they were younger. And this is because there's an increase in the quality of the stem cells. The stem cells act like younger cells and there's more stem cells. So I think that answers the question.

Emily Hollingshead 48:16

Yeah, absolutely. That's awesome. Okay, I bet everyone's loving this. These are some great answers. Let's keep it rollin. I think we have time for probably about two more. So we have in the live chat. We have patch passion Academy. I'm gonna go ahead and unmute you. You'll need the unmute on your site as well. Patch passion Academy. Do you have a question?

Patch passion Academy 48:40

Hi, can you hear me?

Emily Hollingshead 48:41

We can? Yeah, sure.

Patch passion Academy 48:43

Great. That's Phil Stanbury in Switzerland. Hi, Emily. Hi, David. I have a question, of course, which is a little specific and more related to the studies and the hope of stem cells. But would you think all four did you think, David in your studies that a semi broken spine marrow could eventually heal? If it's not completely broken? We know that it's immediately or very fast, making the crust and it cannot resolder together, but say that only half of it is broken? Do you think that from the healthy parts, the non broken politic could push the crust toy and regrow the morrow?

CEO David Schmidt 49:35

That's a really interesting question. I would if I were going to tackle that problem. I'd be using more than patches, patches would be used in a supporting nature. One of the questions is going to be what the To what extent is their scar tissue? The patches would help in the sense that eon and X 39 helped to I manage key Lloyd proteins which form from inflammation and can form scar tissue. So that would be a huge benefit. But to reduce the scar tissue would require a couple of other techniques. So for example, ozone therapy could potentially reduce the scar tissue. Another thing that could help would be magnetic field therapy. And there's a number of different techniques there. So we don't have quite the time to get into that. I might also with an injury that concerning, I would probably also look at up regulating the number of circulating stem cells with a hyperbaric chamber, there was a technique that was developed in Israel, you can easily find that on on the internet. And this clinic got a lot of notoriety, because they found that they could lengthen the telomeres with the use of the specific process and procedure in a hyperbaric chamber. But the important thing here is that hyperbaric chambers, if used properly, can increase the number of circulating stem cells in the body by four or five, six times over baseline. And that's pretty significant, because very serious injuries in the body, like brain trauma can now be healed with that technique. Of course, diet is also going to be important making sure people get enough protein and healthy fats to support the recovery process. But I would I would be using things like ozone therapy, IV, ozone, to deal with the scar tissue, I'd be using magnetic field therapy, hyperbaric oxygen, maybe some IVs have some different things like vitamin C IVs, which are known to upregulate collagen production, and then a number of the different patches, which can help support that. Thank you, David. much. Appreciate it. Yep, absolutely fell anytime.

Emily Hollingshead 52:05

Wonderful. Okay. Let's go ahead and do our last question here. From the q&a section. So we have charity here for our last question. Please explain why it is said to only use two of the YH, meaning eon glutathione are carnosine products at a time? And if we use all three, is it hindering something?

CEO David Schmidt 52:32

Oh, no, this is always based on studies. And actually, we do have a study that was done by two medical doctors in Australia. It's in the science section of the website. And this was done looking at the quality of the skin. And what they found was that when glutathione, carnosine, and eon were all used together, it produced a very dramatic improvement in the collet in the quality of the skin. And this is really easy to understand because glutathione of course functions as an antioxidant. carnosine is a very powerful anti glycation nutrient. Meaning that unfortunately here in the United States, people eat too many carbohydrates, the blood sugar levels go up. And this can cause damage to healthy tissue. So carnosine can actually inhibit this glycation process the damage to healthy cells caused by elevated blood sugar levels. And then of course, Eon is managing stress and inflammation. So yes, it is possible to wear all three, we definitely have more information on combining any two of the patches. But we do have one study, which indicates you can use all three.

Emily Hollingshead 53:51

Perfect, yeah. Well, I know everyone will have really enjoyed the questions today, David, and especially your answers. So thank you so much for coming on today. And answering all these questions. I'm honestly so amazed every time no matter what the question is, you always have the answer. So

CEO David Schmidt 54:10

yeah. It's a down it's a download, you know, from the Divine. So I, I give God the credit there and where it belongs.

Emily Hollingshead 54:21

Well, thank you, David, we really appreciate you. We appreciate the knowledge that you can share with us. And we really just appreciate all that you do for each of us in this community.

CEO David Schmidt 54:29

Well, I appreciate that. You know, I want to send my congratulations to you though. Emily, you're always very, very kind and generous. And US market is doing an amazing job. It's the number one market in the world in terms of growth rates. So many congratulations to you on a job well done. And of course, to our amazing leaders and members.

Emily Hollingshead 54:50

Absolutely. I was just going to say that David, it's it's an honor to serve with you and our leaders here all over the world. But you know, I do have a special spot in my heart for a US leader is that we get to partner with here. So thank you for that. And looking forward to seeing you and everyone else that convention real soon.

CEO David Schmidt 55:08

See you next week.

Emily Hollingshead 55:09

Yeah, we'll see you then and and for everyone here on the webinar. I know we didn't get to share the last name of our product giveaway member and this was Rob. So legale Rob Slagle, I hope I'm saying your name right. And I was actually just got a text on the last name in our randomizer to close out the webinar, and that is Tari Buzard. I hope I'm saying that right. I'm so sorry, if I mispronounced but Tari Boussard. And Rob Slagel, please email into If you were if you were named as one of our product giveaway winners today, and you can claim your prize that way. We'll get all your details and get those performance bundle for each of you sent out. And again, a huge thank you to David for being on the webinar. Think thank you to all of you for being a part of our community for tuning in for being a part of our lifewave connects. And we cannot wait to see you either virtually or in person in Orlando in just a few short days. We'll see you all later. Thanks. Again. This is Emily and David here at lifewave. And we'll see you all later. Bye bye.

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