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What is Phototherapy

LifeWaves phototherapy patches uses light to stimulate the body's natural healing systems, providing specific health benefits.

Light, an ancient form of energy that goes back to the dawn of time. For us, it all begins with the sun, the source of light and life for our entire solar system. Even Einstein concluded that everything we're made of contains light.

All life originates with the sun. through photosynthesis. Plants and vegetation collect the light, and all living creatures emit light. Humans actually emit infrared light, which can be seen with night vision devices. It's been known for centuries that light has many effects on the body. LifeWaves phototherapy patches use light to stimulate the body's natural healing systems, providing specific health benefits.

Here's how the technology works.

First, a patch is applied to specific points on the body where the patch covers the skin. Infrared light emitted from the body is reflected back into the tissue. This stimulates the skin, which in turn stimulates specific regions of the brain. The brain then taps into the body's own natural flow of energy and the ability to heal itself. Let's take a look at why this is important on a cellular level. For example, a number of our patch products help counteract free radicals, oxygen molecules that damage cell proteins and contribute to visible signs of aging. When the body is stimulated through phototherapy to release its own antioxidants. These free radicals are neutralized naturally. Lifewave's phototherapy patches promote an environment that enables the body to optimize its restorative powers and provides specific health benefits, all without the use of harmful drugs or chemicals, all helping you to stay healthy and young. To find out more, contact your distributor or click here.

LifeWave's Phototheraphy Patch - X39

As we get older, our stem cells diminish in their capability to function and heal our bodies. LifeWave's X39® stem cell activation patches are clinically confirmed to provide the body with an acute level of health and vitality that many individuals have not experienced in years.

Our secret?

An elite, patented, and established phototherapy non-transdermal patch technology is non-invasive, safe, and easy to use. LifeWave's X39® is the outcome of 20 years of research, and over 80 clinical studies, which should answer whether the x39 patch is fake. When this easy-to-use technology is fitted to the body, the phototherapy of X39® patches is stimulated by your body's heat, and returns fixed energy and light back into the body, notifying the body to elevate the GHK-Cu copper peptide. GHK-Cu has been clinically established to initiate your body's stem cells.

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